Photo credit: Eugenio Cavallari

Simone Enei is an Italian based adventure photographer and visual storyteller. While he was studying photography at the fine art academy of Rimini he started to explore the natural environment around him and from that moment he never stopped. Simone combines his passion for mountaineering, hiking, climbing and adventure with the one for photography, blended in order to document and share first-person experiences. 

Simone uses his camera, as well as his own words, to capture and create unique stories for the brands he works with. Action, landscapes, lifestyle, portrait and travel photography are the variety of forms he works with.

Available for editorial and commercial assignments.

Simone has worked with multiple brands including Colmar, Levissima, VSCO, The North Face, Land Rover, Jaguar, Trentino Marketing, and more. He has been published on Wired, Trivago, Treccani Web, PassionPassport, Collater.al, Land Italia Magazine, Mountain Blog, and so on.


Instagram: simoneenei